Members of the Supper Club
cordially invite you to a sneak preview
of intimacies best shared among friends.

The Sex & Supper Club continues
December 2006:

Bad Influence
(Paige's story, December 2006)
Hot Moves

(Thea's story, February 2007)

Bad Behavior
(Delaney's story, April 2007)

And catch up with
the rest of the gang in

Turn Me On
(Sabrina's story, August 2004)

Cutting Loose
(Trish's story, October 2004)
Nothing But the Best

(Cilla's story, December 2004)


College is the time to explore new ideas, to find ways to belong to a community. When an eclectic group of arts freshmen looking for a way to belong heard about a drama production at the college, they volunteered, looking for a new experience, looking for fun.

Hours of work and bursts of creativity morphed into solid friendship as the weeks of production went on. Playmates became roommates as the semesters stretched on and the group of them moved out into a house. Sunday nights became pizza nights, when men, sex, and other vexations became the hot topic of conversation. The group expanded as friends of the roommates came into the picture: One night, they dubbed it the Sex & Supper Club, since those were the primary topics of conversation.

Even now, five years after graduation, the group still stays in touch. The years have given them successes, bruises, and experience. Still, they're at the cusp of finding themselves, and the gang is still home.

Though some moved away from L.A. briefly, they have all drifted back, and the weekly meetings, the parties, and the phone calls and lunch dates in between have cemented their bonds all the more. When one of them dates, he's eventually inspected by the Supper Club. They hate one another's enemies, love their friends, and are always there to offer one another a friendly ear or a shoulder to cry on.

The Club Members
Sabrina Pantolini (the reformed party girl)--film major, lighting; becomes documentary producer
A fun-loving hedonist, Sabrina thinks life is about pleasure. When she loses her father, though, she re-evaluates her life. While she'll never leave fun behind, she realizes that accomplishments bring their own pleasure.

Trish Dawson (the romantic)--lit. major, script doctor; becomes a ghostwriter who dreams of something more
Trish likes to think of herself as a cynic, but she is a hopeless romantic and idealist at heart. She was an awkward teen and never quite recovered, so she hides away in flowing clothing that covers her up. She hopes for love, but years of disappointment have her close to giving up. Maybe she's just not one of the lucky ones. She'd rather focus on her career, anyway. She tends her dreams carefully, hoping for the big break that will land her name on the bestseller lists.

Cilla Danforth (the fashionista)--design major, costumes; works in family retail empire
Cilla grew up obsessed with fashion, not surprising in a family with the chicest clothing stores in Beverly Hills. As the youngest, she was never shy about acting out to attract attention. Now she's ready to take the world by storm, in retail, in designs. The question is, is the world ready for her?

Kelly Vandevere (the cynic)--journalism major, school paper coverage; becomes reporter for Daily Variety
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but that doesn't scare Kelly. Snarky, cynical, and full of sass, she loves getting paid to nose around and find out the inside scoop. Even when it singes her whiskers, she loves it, and when she finds herself prowling around Sabrina's set, ready to dig up a story and stumbles over a man, well, what more could she ask for?

Paige Favreau (the cool one)--design major, sets; becomes interior designer (future plot: designing sybaritic hotel)
Coolly stylish, Paige is good taste personified. Everything in the rooms she designs is just so, down to the carefully introduced randomness that keeps them from looking designed. As she is in her work, she is in her life. She'll have discreet affairs, but nothing untidy. When she eventually finds her heart overtaking her head, she is giddy, delirious, and completely unable to cope.

Thea Mitchell (the serious one)--dance major, choreography; becomes model, then...
Thea is serious, the steady one, the cool-headed intellectual who always thinks things through. She also has a cool heart; having had it broken once, she hides it away.

Delaney Phillips (the flirt)--promotion and advertising; becomes advertising exec
All vivacious flash and delectable looks, Delaney is the all about the sizzle, but there's substance there to her as well. Her problem is that she doesn't take anything seriously, including herself. When she finds Mr. Right, that could be her fatal flaw.

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