Turn Me On
Book #1 of Sex and the Supper Club

ISBN 0-373-79152-6
Harlequin Blaze
August 2004


Don’t miss the first meeting of the Supper Club...

So maybe it took Sabrina Pantolini a little while to get it together. But then, who could blame her? She came from Hollywood aristocracy, the kind that's hard to live up to. So maybe she flunked out of school after school, started a new career every six months, and spent most of her time at parties…she just needed a little time to find herself, that was all.

And she did finally find herself…in sex. "True Sex," to be exact, her brainchild, her breakout project, a cable documentary series that will dare to show sex like it really is out at the fringes -- fetishes, lapdance lessons, sex factory tours. All systems are go, Sabrina thinks, until she gets word that her director is dropping out. The frenzied search for a replacement yields just one candidate -- Stef Costas.

Back when she was an 18-year-old film school newbie, Sabrina had fallen into a passionate, tempestuous love affair with dark, brooding Stef Costas. That was then and this is now, and now the sparks fly when they're in the same room together. But are they sparks from friction or from electricity?

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