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I'm very excited about my third RITA nomination, for Always a Bridesmaid. It's always a good feeling to be recognized by your peers. Of course, there's some pretty tough competition out there but I'm happy to be nominated and looking forward to the ceremony.

In other exciting news, I've been invited to write the final book in the 2009 Fortunes of Texas: Return to Red Rock continuity for Silhouette Special Edition. If you don't know, a continuity series is one conceived by the editors at Silhouette. Logan's Legacy Revisited was an example of such a series. The editors come up with a rough story line and invite authors to write the books. It's a big honor to be singled out that way, so I'm quite excited. Of course, once a book gets in my hands, anything's possible. Stay tuned for further details as I know them.

Meanwhile, I 'm still giving away non-English-language copies of my books. I've already sent out more than a hundred copies in various languages. I particularly have a lot of Scandinavian-language books, so tell your friends! Check out my free books page for more details.

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