Bad Behavior
Book #6 of
The Sex and Supper Club

coming April 2007
from Harlequin Blaze


Life has been good for Delaney Phillips -- hot men, good times, lotsa laughs, and she's always got her best friends, the Supper Club, behind her. But lately, things have been changing, her friends linking up with life partners, moving away, even getting pregnant. Delaney's a big fan of variety when it comes to the little stuff, but all this major change is making her a little uneasy.

When the Supper Club takes a trip down to Mexico to be around for the opening of Cilla's international boutique, Delaney figures it's a way to get things back to normal. Drinks, dancing, gossiping about everything from hemlines to first kisses.

But then she gets a tap on the shoulder one night in a bar and turns to see her long lost first boyfriend -- and first love -- Jake. And things aren't normal at all.

Jake never got Delaney out of his head, even though his family moved away. When he sees her across the room, he can't believe it. One thing's for certain, though, he's not going to let her get away again!

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