Hot Moves
Book #5 of
The Sex and Supper Club

coming February 2007
from Harlequin Blaze


Something mysterious happened to Thea Mitchell when she was briefly a model in New York, something so bad it sent her fleeing back to L.A. and put her life totally off the rails. Instead of being a choreographer and dance teacher, she’s had a series of meaningless jobs. The only thing that matters to her is the Supper Club -- that, and the Argentine tango group she’s involved with on the side.

When a friend who owns a Portland dance studio, Robyn Hathaway, calls Thea with a call for an emergency Argentine tango teacher. Thea can only say yes. Robyn helped her get out of New York, so she owes her. Besides, why not, she reasons. It’s a chance to maybe get her life rolling again, a chance to step out of character and do things differently.

But the step becomes a vault. Who knew that a tango festival on a summer night would change everything, courtesy of a hot guy with tousled blond hair and sleepy eyes? One minute, they’re dancing in the moonlight, pressed together as she teaches him the steps. The next, they’re in his bed doing the horizontal bop.

Brewpub owner Brady McMillan and his brother Michael need a theme for their newest property, an old downtown theatre. After one glance at Thea dancing in the moonlight, Brady knows he’s found it, and the lesson she gives him proves it. She’s got the hot moves -- now he’s just got to convince her to make him her partner, for more than the dance.

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