The McBains of Grace Harbor

Grace Harbor, Maine is a town of the seasons -- the quiet of winter, the hope of spring, the hustle and bustle of summer, and the glory of fall. The McBains of Grace Harbor have lived and worked there since the 1910s, running the Compass Rose Guest Quarters adjacent to the Grace Island Marina, first to provide meals and accommodations for boaters, then later as a country inn of its own.

Three generations of McBains have run the Compass Rose. Now, with Amanda and Ian McBain at the helm of the business, their children, the latest generation of McBains, struggles to find itself amid the enduring world they know.

Amanda and Ian understand their children -- Cady, Max, and Walker -- have their own lives to lead but they worry about what will happen to the family legacy. They wish they had a child like their nephew Tucker, who taken over the Grace Island Marina from his father.

Amanda knows she should be happy just to have two of her three children living nearby, but she knows their lives aren’t all they can be. Her youngest, Cady, is too impatient and needs a moderating influence. Her middle daughter, Max, worries too much about her career and avoids thinking about herself. Her son, Walker, has left Grace Harbor entirely.

Find out what happens to the McBains and the Compass Rose in The Chef's Choice, Cady's story (August 2008); The Doctor's Orders, Max's story (2009); and The Prodigal Son Returns, Walker's story (2009); and The Runaway Bride, Tucker's story (2009).

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