The Chef's Choice
Book #1 of The McBains of Grace Harbor

Coming August 2008
from Silhouette Special Edition


Cady McBain knows her parents need a new chef for the Compass Rose’s restaurant, but Damon Hurst, celebrity chef become celebrity flameout? She wants no part of a good-looking charmer like him and isn’t shy about letting him know it.

Damon knows he screwed up but he’s trying to get his life back on track by turning the Compass Rose’s restaurant into a five-star restaurant. And if it takes sweet-talking Cady into growing microgreens and foraging for exotic foods to make that happen, he’ll do it.

The trouble is, somewhere along the line it stops being a matter of charming her for a purpose and starts being about charming her to see her smile, to hear her laughter. And even though the Compass Rose is just a way-station on his itinerary, it turns into the only place for him.

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