The Doctor's Orders
Book #2 of The McBains of Grace Harbor

Coming 2009
from Silhouette Special Edition


Cardiac surgeon Daniel Tower is all about the heart. The first thing he’s going to do in his position as new head of Portland General Hospital is oversee the construction of the new cardiac wing. He wants impressive, gleaming, state-of-the art.

Architect Maxine McBain—Max, to her friends—is distinctly unthrilled with the good doctor’s plans, and she’s not shy about telling him so. For the past ten years she’s been working her way up the professional ladder. The cardiac wing is the first project of her very own and she intends to prove herself with it.

As much as Max wants to wow her bosses, though, she knows that a hospital needs to serve its patients and patrons. They don't want a building that looks like a swank Manhattan office atrium, they want a place that feels comforting, human scaled.

Max and Daniel butt heads from the beginning—and somewhere along the line, they trade hearts.