The Prodigal Son's Return
Book #3 of The McBains of Grace Harbor

Coming 2009
from Silhouette Special Edition


As a kid, Walker McBain couldn’t get out of Grace Harbor fast enough, and a scholarship to Dartmouth did it. Sure, he told his girlfriend Elizabeth Harrison, they’d keep things going long distance. Somehow, it didn’t happen like that, though. The friendships he built at college, along with his charisma and gorgeous smile were enough for entrée into the rarefied world of privilege.

But his marriage to his boss’s daughter was as insubstantial as the bubbles the bridal party blew instead of rice as he and his bride exited the church. And when the marriage blew apart, it took his job with it, so Walker comes home to get his head straight. The last person he expects to see behind the front desk, though, is Elizabeth.

There had been a time he and Elizabeth had been in love, or as in love as eighteen-year-olds can be. Seeing her now just reminds him of another relationship he’d screwed up, makes him feel guilty and awkward.

Elizabeth doesn’t really give a damn. She’d spent enough nights crying over Walker and worrying about what he thought the year after they’d broken up. She’s got no patience for it now. The inn needs her and she needs a job; Walker’s just going to have to deal with it.

But as they work side by side, they rediscover each other—and discover that sometimes the first love is the lasting love.