Where There's Smoke
Book #1 of Holiday Hearts

Silhouette Special Edition


When Sloane Hillyard’s firefighter brother was lost in a burning building, she vowed that nothing like it would ever happen again. As fall heads toward Thanksgiving, her new Orienteer equipment to monitor firefighters is ready to begin its trial by fire, and Sloane, backed by City Councilman Ayre, is supervising every step of the testing.

Boston fire captain Nick Trask is assigned against his will to participate in the testing. He has no use for Ayre’s politics, but he can’t stop thinking about Sloane. For her part, Sloane wants nothing to do with a firefighter. She’s experienced firsthand the cost that someone who loves a firefighter must pay: the worry, the fear, the constant wondering whether this night will be the one when the battalion chief comes knocking at the door. In her mind, love is inextricably bound up with loss. Still, where there's smoke, there's fire, and when Nick fights his way into her heart, she’s got a decision to make.

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