Because there's no place like home
for the holidays...

Northern Vermont is a land steeped in tradition and bound to the seasons -- golden summers, glorious autumns and above all, those late winter months when the sap starts flowing in the maples. For five generations, the Trask family has tended its sugar maples, tapping the trees and boiling down gallons of sap into the finest quality syrup in the state. For five generations, the Trask family genes have produced crop after crop of rugged individuals, strapping, handsome men who believe in following their destinies only slightly less than they believe in family.

Jacob, Nick, and Gabe are the latest generation of Trasks. In Holiday Hearts, you’ll read all of their stories, from Nick’s life as a Boston firefighter in the Thanksgiving story of Where There’s Smoke, to Gabe’s challenges as the manager of the Hotel Mount Jefferson in the Christmas story of Under the Mistletoe, to Jacob’s life at the Trask farm in the Valentine's romance Vermont Valentine.

And coming this October is Under His Spell, the story of J.J. and Lainie.

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