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Nothing But the Best
Book #3 of Sex and the Supper Club

ISBN 0-373-79191-7
Harlequin Blaze
December 2004


The Romance Reader’s Connection (4 stars)

The Romance Reader’s Connection (4 stars)
“From first page to last, I was completely hooked.”
Cilla Danforth is more than just a pretty heiress; she is an up and coming businesswoman with something to prove! If given the chance, she knows she can turn around a floundering store in the Danforth empire to cater to a young, hip crowd with deliciously expensive tastes. Such an establishment would also be the perfect venue to launch Cilla D--her very own line of outrageously sexy lingerie. Who would have guessed that a chance encounter with a sexy Good Samaritan on a lonely desert highway could affect Cilla's career and shake up her life right down to the foundation?

Rand Mitchell, once a mover and shaker among venture capitalists in the tech world, has taken a detour on his career path to work for Danforth in Business Development, as they expand their presence in Europe. Surprised to learn his stranded motorist (and subsequent hotel romp) was actually the boss' daughter, Rand finds himself pulled off Europe and paired with Cilla on her pet project. Can Cilla's business plan work? Will she be willing to be a team player in and out of the office? Will Rand be able to resist Cilla's charms long enough to meet the expectations of the Board?

Nothing but the Best continues Ms. Hardy's reputation as a writer of red-hot contemporary reads! From first page to last, I was completely hooked. Cilla and Rand are fun and wickedly sexy. Cilla pushes the envelope with her business ideas and ultimately takes Rand out of his comfort zone. Rand on the other hand, challenges Cilla's concept of teamwork, both in a romantic sense and with respect to her career. Cilla's outlook is understandable yet not entirely excusable. Yet, Rand seems at time to be almost too forgiving, letting Cilla's antics slide until the camel's back is finally broken. However, the solution to their problems will leave readers with a contented feeling that all is right in the world! As I've said before, the Sex & the Supper Club is one series not to be missed!

Ms. Hardy's Sex & the Supper Club will be going on hiatus until the summer of 2006. However, fans of this author are sure to be delighted with her upcoming releases for Silhouette Special Edition as well as her first romantic suspense offerings scheduled for 2005. Until then, this reader plans to revisit Ms. Hardy's backlist which is full of sinfully sexy and unforgettable stories!


“A wonderfully sensual and well-written novel”

When elegant and independent Cilla Danforth finds herself with a flat tire in the middle of the desert, she decides that waiting for a tow truck is a waste of valuable time. While she is tottering on her stilettos and begging the lug nut to give way, a car stops. Thinking about all the serial killers in the world, makes Cilla decide to wait for her rescuer inside her Porsche, with a tire iron close by. Expecting the worst, she is shocked when the most beautiful man she’s ever seen, is walking toward her.

Rand Mitchell can’t believe how fate seems to be conspiring against him. What are the chances of having a mind blowing-evening with an incredible woman and then the next morning find out that she is actually his boss’s daughter? Instead of running for the hills like he should, he finds himself unable to think of anyone else.

Cilla has tried her entire adult life to get her father to take her ideas seriously. She knows that she is not being utilized to the best of her ability, within her family’s business. Which is why it is so important to her that she is given the chance to revamp one of her father’s clothing stores that is currently losing money. What she isn’t counting on is a babysitter by the name of Rand Mitchell. Can they work closely together and forget the intense chemistry between them? Or can they have both?

Nothing but the Best by Kristin Hardy is a wonderfully sensual and well-written novel that provides us with engaging characters, a fabulous setting and a love story that shows us that by learning to lean on one another, and having a little trust will make an intense infatuation grow into a lifelong love. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel, which is book three in the Sex & Supper Club series, and am avidly awaiting the release of the subsequent ones to be released, summer 2006.

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