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Under the Mistletoe
Book #1 of Holiday Hearts

Silhouette Special Edition
December 2005


RT Bookclub (4 1/2 stars)
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RT Bookclub
“…a potent fusion of sweetness and sensuality.”
Kristin Hardy continues Holiday Hearts with Under the Mistletoe (4.5), a potent fusion of sweetness and sensuality. Graced also by a strong plot and well-motivated characters, this is far from just another Christmas romance.


Romance Junkies
“…a truly dynamic story that is perfect for Christmas.”

Hadley never for a minute thought that her new job assignment was a chance to prove herself; it was banishment pure and simple. When she meets the man in charge of her new assignment, her banishment doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Hadley Stone has always worked harder and jumped higher than any other employee at Stone Enterprises. She has to, she has more to prove then they do, she’s the boss’s daughter. But that didn’t prevent her from being recently demoted, and Hadley is not looking forward to her new job assignment. Being banished to the wilds of New Hampshire to revamp the family’s latest acquisition, an ancient, run down hotel, is not how she planned to spend her Christmas. Top executive one day, flunky the next, thanks to her father whom she could never please, and not from a lack of trying. Well, she is going to do the job that she was sent to do, to again do exactly what her father wants. Woe to those at Hotel Mount Jefferson.

Gabriel Trask loves his job. In fact, it’s more than just a job; it’s in his blood. Being the manager of Hotel Mount Jefferson has its problems, and headaches for sure, but he wouldn’t give it up for anything. He wonders if the new owners will feel the same way about the hotel as the previous owner, Whit Stone did. Hopefully he’ll get the chance to ask them if they ever decide to show themselves.

Hadley is prepared to battle the existing manager if need be to ensure that her father’s wishes are fulfilled to the letter. She is not prepared for the utterly amazing looking manager of the hotel, Gabe Trask. Her attraction to him is inappropriate, but the butterflies that take over in her stomach with his every glance are defying all logical ways of thinking. Could any good come from a relationship with Gabe? Or is she about to risk all she knows for the love of one special man?

Under the Mistletoe by Kristin Hardy is a truly dynamic story that is perfect for Christmas, and makes a wonderful accompaniment to Where There’s Smoke. From the amazing characters, to the vivid setting and not to mention the incredible romance, this author’s style is a joy to read. I can’t wait to see what happens to Jacob in the third book in the Holiday Hearts trilogy, Vermont Valentine!


Romance Reviews Today
“…a superb, heart-warming tale that is just right for the holiday season.”
All her life, Hadley Stone has tried to be a substitute for the son her father never had, but always she has failed in his eyes. As a "punishment" for her latest failure while working for Stone Enterprises, she is sent to check out an old hotel in New Hampshire that is part of her late grandfather's estate. Arriving at the Hotel Mount Jefferson, she immediately is struck by the beauty of it and discovers the people running it are charming and devoted to the hotel. Hadley also encounters the man running the hotel...Gabriel Trask. Having been taught by her father to not let emotions run a business, she nonetheless finds her herself falling in love with both the hotel and its handsome manager.

Gabe has put his heart and soul into running the Hotel Mount Jefferson. He knew when the owner passed away that there may be changes, but he isn't expecting the hurricane called Hadley that comes storming into his life. Her cost-cutting suggestions threaten not only the staff of the hotel, but the core of the hotel. It doesn't help that he's also attracted to her, but her resistance to letting him get close to her puzzles him. If she succeeds in doing what she came to do, can their relationship be sustained?

Set against the mountains of New Hampshire in the days before Christmas, Under the Mistletoe is filled with lots of emotion amidst the turbulent changes that are in store for Gabe and Hadley. Gabe's life has revolved around running the hotel and he has plans to make it even better. Unaware at first who Hadley is, he finds himself attracted to the lovely stranger staying at the hotel. But once she reveals her identity, suddenly it's a battle for his livelihood. Can he convince her that he knows what's best for the future of the hotel?

Hadley doesn't really want to be in New Hampshire, but when her father orders her, she knows she has no choice. Her relationship with her whole family is frail, and the fact that her father didn't get along with his own father troubles her upon learning what people here have to say about her grandfather's generosity. In the end, who will Hadley decide is right, her father or Gabe?

What a beautiful, moving story Under the Mistletoe is. From the start, Hadley's anguish over her relationship with her family and a feeling of "where do I go from here" show[s] her sensitive side. Getting to know Gabe, she learns what is right for the hotel, but persuading her father is going to be the most difficult thing she's done in her life. With New Hampshire in the winter as a backdrop beautifully described, it made me, a warm weather person, want to go there. Kristin Hardy has penned a superb, heart-warming tale that is just right for the holiday season. Cuddle up with Under the Mistletoe for a captivating holiday romance.

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