Coming in 2006 from Harlequin Blaze

When an ancient romantic legend comes to light, a force for good tries to restore its secret sanctity, while a dark one, fueled by a dangerous obsession, seeks it for personal greed and satisfaction…

Two thousand years ago in a desert kingdom lived the sisters Anan and Batu. Anan, the elder was destined to inherit rule one day and marry the most noble man of the. Anan had to follow her duty; Batu could follow her heart and be with her lover, Egmath.

Ever they were adolescents, Egmath and Batu met secretly every evening at midnight near a grove of cypress trees. Under the stars, they shared their dreams, their ambitions, their lives…and eventually their feelings for one another. Theirs was a pure love -- a true love. But just as they were about to make their feelings public, they realized that Egmath had been chosen as Anan’s husband.

Egmath was a loyal and honourable man, and respectful of his kingdom, his family and his obligations. He accepted that he must do his duty and prepared to marry his true love’s sister. Meanwhile, precious time was passing.

The evening before his wedding, Egmath spent with Batu. Among the cypress trees she presented him with an amulet made of mother-of-pearl, fashioned in the shape of a star with five points and a hollowed-out center. With their hands entwined and the amulet pressed tightly in his palm, they vowed their everlasting love to each other. That night, beneath the magic of the moon and the optimism of the stars, Egmath and Batu were intimate for the first and only time. The amulet blazed brightly. It now held the power of true love for whoever had it and was pure of heart.

The following morning Egmath married Anan; not long after, during a war in a foreign land, Egmath was killed. The amulet, which he’d strung on a gold chain and promised to keep close to his heart forever, was lost.

It moved through history into the modern world. The continuity begins in 2006 when again there are two sisters (Morgan, Cassandra). The amulet weaves its way in and out of their lives as they determine its past and seek its promise.

Read about Caught, book three of the continuity.

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