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Ena Louise's Nouveau Tuna Salad
(serves four)
This one comes from my mother, who worships tomatoes and tuna in equal measure. Forget all the tuna salad you've had before. This one is more salad than tuna, light, refreshing, and just right for a hot summer evening. The key to this recipe is draining the lettuce well and seeding the tomatoes so that you don't wind up with too much liquid. It goes really well with a nice pinot grigio or pino noir. Be sure to make only as much as you'll use, though. It doesn't keep well.

½ head iceberg lettuce
2 beefsteak tomatoes
2 cans solid white tuna packed in water
¾ c light mayonnaise
¾ c frozen peas
salt to taste

Put peas in a collander and run cool water over them for 30 s, until the frost washes off. Set aside in a small bowl. Cut lettuce into 1 inch squares. Wash, then drain with a salad spinner. Put in large bowl. Core tomatoes and squeeze out seeds. Cut into ½ inch (or larger) chunks and add to lettuce. Open and drain tuna, add to lettuce and tomato.

Using large spoon, mix tuna, lettuce, and tomato. Add mayonnaise and mix. Add peas, which should be defrosted. Fold with spoon. Serve with garlic bread.

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