Have some fun under the covers,
with a group of friends, a trio of cities
and a magic bed.

As Bad As Can Be
Slippery When Wet

Spring of 2003
from Harlequin Blaze


Come with me, slide under the covers with a trilogy about lovers who find happily ever after with the help of a magic bed. When Ryan Donnelly marries, she gives her antique carved four poster bed to her girlfriend Becka Landon, and love follows in Scoring (March 2003). Then Becka gives the bed to her neighbor, Mallory Carson. Mallory isn't looking for love, far from it, but somehow she finds it -- or it finds her in As Bad As Can Be (May 2003) Marriage breeds an excess of furniture, so Mallory gives the bed to her brother, Dev Carson. By now, though, they all know what to expect from the bed, so all eyes are on Dev to see what will happen once he gets it. Find out, in Slippery When Wet (July 2003).